About Me - Sky Mubs

Hello and welcome to my main website ! I'm Sky Mubs (my real name is Valentin) and I'm a french composer. I'm 23 years old and I have been creating music for 6 years ! Before that, I started to play the piano when I was 6. Now, I mainly compose epic, battle, cinematic and emotional musics. I'm very happy to share you my creations and I hope you will appreciate them ! :) If you like what I do, you can buy my musics and my albums. In any case, if you're reading this, thank you for being here !
My motivations are not money or celebrity... but the belief of a stronger world. Music has always been my way to express my deepest emotions, what I feel in my heart. It's more than just a passion for me, it's my whole life. I learned piano from a religious sister named Sister Gabrielle. I would like to honour her through each of my creations. I have dedicated a piece of music to her called "Sister Gabrielle".
When I play the piano, I feel fully alive, I feel very inspired and I want to pass this on to as many people as possible.
Sometimes life is very hard and we don't know how to deal with all our problems... That's why I would like to give hope and courage to all the people through my musics.
I work on FL Studio 20.
All my musics are copyrighted (except remixes) by "la SNAC" : "Syndicat National des Auteurs et des Compositeurs". If you want to use my musics, just ask me before :)
I work with my friend Kunsword for the design and video editing. You can find him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kunsword/
Saint-Quentin 02100
26 Rue des Patriotes